the-vagabonds-bonn-1967.jpgheatwave-sister-simon-rastus-ravel-1970.jpgMartin joined Crew as drummer and songwriter of; 'Different Cities' / 'Lady Of The Night' / 'Open Another Door' in 1971.


Previously (1967–69), he played in Germany, with The Vagabonds and Jigsaw Puzzle and, in 1969 in London, after a short stint with Jackie Edwards, he joined the short-lived Pure Gold and then Heatwave.



From left to right - back: Terry Shea (vocals/rhythm guitar), Richard Steen (vocals/lead guitar) - front: Martin H. Samuel (drums), John Fellows (vocals/bass), Peter Allat (lead vocals/percussion).


A regular on the BBC, they recorded 'Sister Simon (Funny Man)' b/w 'Rastus Ravel (Is A Mean Old Man)'.  Written by John Edward and released by Larry Page on Penny Farthing Records (13th November 1970), the B-side featured Rick Wakeman on piano and back-up vocals by Doris Troy.


Martin joined Simon Raverne and Cigarette and Burning Boots on Jersey, C.I. – who also played in Dubai, U.A.E.


Cigarette and Burning Boots at The Deep, St. Helier ... Left to right: Richard Melhuish, formerly of The Kult, (guitar/vocals) - Martin H. Samuel (drums) - Taffy Edwards (lead vocals/bass).


Relocating to the U.S.A., and while a recording studio session drummer in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Honolulu, Martin designed the Chord Board.


As a surfer, he moved to Hawaii and joined Bright Eye Band, who played the 9th Sunshine Festival in Diamond Head Crater opening for Journey.


He went on to form the Kailua six-piece, Sweet Fire and later played in a Waikiki band with Sly And The Family Stone saxman, Jerry Martini.


Co-wrote, 'Turn To Me', with Lisa Nemzo ~ recorded and released on her Polydor album, Rendez Vous, by Audrey Landers.  Co-wrote, 'Every Teardrop' also on YouTube.


Martin does long-distance, blue-water sailboat deliveries, for which he won Sabre Yachts 1987 Outstanding Performance Award.

He is also an award-winning [traditional, table-top, board, card & dice] game designer at Games Above Board.


Martin co-wrote the songs:

'Boogie On The Bayou', with Lisa Nemzo – covered by Bad Ass Boots in 2014, it has its own line dance, 'Bayou Bay Boogie', choreographed by Max Perry

'Roller Coaster' and 'Good Love', with John Franta – played by Sunny 'n' the Cut with Martin on drums.

'Be My Rock', with Renard Cohen – sung by Ms. Nancy Reed, won the December 2015 Best Song Singer-Songwriter / Ballad Akademia Music Award in Los Angeles.  'Be My Rock' on YouTube.

'The Man In The Moon' with Renard Cohen – sung by Rick Livingstone [formerly with The Best], won the December 2017 Best Song Pop Rock Akademia Music Award in Los Angeles.

'Lazy Days' with Anders Jensen – also sung by Rick Livingstone, won the February 2018 Best Pop Rock Song Akademia Music Award in Los Angeles.

'Count Me In' also with Anders Jensen – again sung by Rick Livingstone, won the May 2019 Best Pop Rock Song Akademia Music Award in Los Angeles.

'Too Close To The Sun' with Gary Albans, sung by Rick livingstone, won the October 2019 Best Pop Rock Song Akademia Music Award in Los Angeles.

'Hold On My Child' with Kjetil Landsgard won the July 2020 Akademia Music Best Rock Song Award in Los Angeles.

'Tightrope To The Moon', by Henning, Landsgard & Samuel, won the Spring 2021 Best Pop Song World Songwriting Awards contest.

'Man On A Ledge', by Henning, Landsgard & Samuel, won the Fall 2021 Best Alternative Song World Songwriting Awards Contest.